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Friday, February 18, 2005

Not Again!

Hi gang happy Friday to every one! I was going to get on line early but as you can see it didn’t happen. Not much going on took a break from the room project. I did get pix. To share. You can see where I am. I had to do a patch on the ceiling and it is not dry in picture. I hope it comes out better than that.

Tomorrow is Megan Birth Day! 12 going on 21! We got her a trampoline last month while on sale. She is already wining about getting something else. Last night at bedtime, she said I forgot to tell you, I told the class at school, I would bring in a Giant Cookie to share for my BD! Dahl! She got her Cookie! @#%&*!

I finished my Ill. Friday pix last night and hit the off button again with my foot! Oh NO! Not again! Yep I lost it, had to start all over!

Thought for the day, when I was 12 I had a crush on a pretty little girl. Now I am hoping a boy does not show up here tomorrow asking for Megan!


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