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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Happy Birth Day

Hi gang, on the cool side here today but not to bad. Tonight low 20s not good for the old bones. Surfing around I have found a lot of people having parenting problems.

We sort of flew by the seat of our pants. Having children at an early age was a learning experience of its on. We literary grew up with our kids. Living in Chicago our nearest relative were 750 miles away. Couldn’t afford to stay on the phone all the time.

We ran off and got married so we were sort of out cast for a few years. No help so we had to help ourselves. Looking back it was the best thing for us. We did it all on our own and survived with four wonderful children. Tuff you bet but the rewords have been unimaginable!

I believe a lot of problems today are parents don’t trust them self’s. They are so afraid of making a mistake they let someone else make the decisions for them. Now grant you sometimes this is good for the sake of the child. However the child is yours and there is a build in survival instant if you trust it.

I have not heard of any statistics but there are a growing number of grand parents razing their grand children. Hear again many times it cannot be helped. My son came in tonight telling us about one of his coworkers. She went to court to get costive of her two grand children. She won the case. But the children are the losers!

Today is my wifes Birth Day. All the children have checked in. She had a bad day at work so I am staying my distance. I don't want to be a Birth Day casulity!

Thought for the day, there is help for parents who have problems but few reach out for it because they think it is a reflection on them!


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