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Monday, February 21, 2005

You have Mail

Hi gang, Monday went by pretty quick for me. Course most days do go by quick for me! I hope ever o had a good one especially all those who are not feeling well. It looks like the bug is making its rounds again.

It has been so damp here my room project has slowed waiting for paint to dry. It was suppose to rain today but it went north of us and we had a pleasant day. The sand color on the walls looks good. We went with an off white for the wood- work. I have to pick up new wood for the windows trim.

This morning I got the phone call I have been dreading. Megan’s dad got out of jail last night. The rat lied to me right of the bat. They lat him go at midnight and he told me he sat in a park all night. He was waiting for a good time to call here. (He was at his aunt’s house all night) Megan went up to her sisters so they could spend time with him. I want him out of there life period! They say but papa he is our dad!

I have some more pixs for you guys but I will wait for another day! Have a good one!

Thought for the day, Lord how many times should I forgive my brother, seven times? No I say to you forgive him forty times seven!


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