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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hi gang, when I found out I was going to be forced to retire, I took a day and my VHS camera an went through my life here in Alabama. I started with the house I was born in, where I was raised and played. Our first home away from my mothers parents. The schools I went to, the ore mines where my father was killed.
* I thought I had every thing on film. I showed the film to my wife and at the end, she asked why I left off the last place where mother and I lived. Strange I should forget this. It was an apartment over a drug store; mother and I were living there when my wife and I eloped.
* Strange leaving this out! I had lived there through some troubled years in my life. We moved there after having to sell our house because my step dad fell of the wagon and was drunk out of his mind every day. He lost his job and went through every thing mom had before he left us to fence for our self.
* Mother had not worked in a long time and was forced to scramble to get a job and a roof over our head. We were fortunate enough to be getting a S.S. check from my dad. Without that check we would have been up a creek! My step dad even tried to get the check away from us and wound up spending three years in prison for it. That's a story in itself no need dragging you through it.
* I was thinking about this today and have tried to reason it out, why I had left this out of the film. I was living there when I meet my wife. When I had my first real job at a ford dealership as a mechanics helper. There was some bad times but a lot more good than bad. Mother was still living there when my wife and I went to Chicago. I must have blocked it out of my mind because this is were we went after loosing every thing and where I was when I ran away to get married.
* Thought for the day, I am doing too much thinking!


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