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Monday, October 31, 2005

WHICH ride do you prefer?

Wow! Where did it go, the weekend I mean! Ol' blue Monday seems to be more and more frequent. Being retired you would think it would be just another day. I have no set planes for any day of the week most are random. Normally church on Saturday, golf on Monday and cut grass on Friday or Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or catch alls.

That leaves Sunday, which was never designed to be a family day but has evolved to be just that. We have family here or we go to the lake. My wife tries to go to the lake every Sunday and has for years to be with her mom and dad.

The lake has become sort of our little getaway. A place to swim, BBQ, relaxes and be with the children. All of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have gathered there for years.

This is why I spend so much time there in the summer cutting grass. It has become home away from home. Now the place is in need of repair and I am not a carpenter. Trying to talk to the family about it brings up the age-old question of money! BIL states flatly that he doesn’t want to put any money into the place! So I get up set because no one seems to care.

Well I suppose I have this weighing on my mind is why I’m talking to you about it. Sorry for the rambling. It just T’s me off that every one looks the other way!

Thought for the day, where do you spend most of you time?


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