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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Thinking of you

Hi gang, I have been sating here for a good half hour thinking of all of you and how our lives interconnect. I am not the same person because of this connection. Not that I have changed in a way you can see but inwardly. I have become more than I use to be. My life will never be the same, I posses your thoughts and you mine. We have become a blending of humanity!

Truth or fiction we are one in a world of cyberspace. Separated only by longitude and latitude. I find myself wondering where your at and what your doing. Is it cold or hot? What mood your in happy or sad. Are you up yet are sleeping in because it’s the weekend? Do you have planes for the day? Or are you thinking of me?

I suppose I am getting melancholia because I’m afraid I will wake up and not be able to communicate! I am not able to talk to any one like I do too you. In a way that’s sad that my closest friends and relatives don’t know me as you do! I keep hearing Job’s words, “ The Lord gives and the Lord takes away blessed be the name of the lord”!

Thought for the day, I don’t remember the name of the song but it is haunting me today “ Will you still love me tomorrow!”


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