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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

How do you spell Relief?

Hi gang, I hope every one got of to a good start yesterday. It turned out to be a wonderful day here. Blue skies worm our high was 81* just a grand day to be outside.

We wound up with a threesome yesterday. My buddy Ed had to make a quick trip to Atlanta. His son is a little league coach and was pitching the ball. A kid hit the ball, line drive right between the eyes! Broke his nose and knocked him out. The hauled him off in an ambulance and he spent two days in the hospital! Just goes to show never trust a kid with a bat!

How do you spell relief? For me it’s GOLF! I had a great day and a good round. We saw a lot of birds; on one hole I was getting ready to hit and a big hawk flew right in front of me. Wow what a sight! I saw several different water birds white and gray, fishing along the shoreline. On a par three I had to go fishing too to get my ball! Wound up with a triple. Oh well back to the drawing board!

Thought for the day, mix pain, suffering and anguish with love, joy and forgiveness and you have hope!


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