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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Night Out

Hi gang, last day of your weekend take advantage of it. Suppose to be worm and sunny today, right now it looks like it will rain any minute! The Masters is heating up, Tiger is on the prowl! He looked like his old self yesterday, hitting some great shots. Chris DeMarco will have his hands full today. Should be a good match!

We went out last night for a gathering at one of my golf buddies. It was good to get together we had eight couples plus our Pastor and three nuns. Good food warm enough to sit out side, great evening!

Today is Alison’s Birth Day, four years old, and mean as a hornet! I hope to post some picks. Later. I haven’t seen the twins all week so it should be a good day. (Unless they don’t want to watch the Masters) LOL!

Thought for the day, I saw Jupiter and four of its moons last night through a telescope, sure made me feel so small!


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