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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

What did you do?

Hi gang, Worked out side today and yesterday picking up limbs. We have had so much wind this year they were everywhere. I lost five huge trees on the other side of Boyd creek. It will take a long time to cut them up. They are too big for an axe! I have eight piles of limbs stacked up to burn. My son bought a chipper but the limbs are too big for it too. I will have to burn later on. Right now I have my hands full just picking up

My wife was doing income tax last night and she told me the putter keeps trying to connect with MSN. They use to be my ISP until I went to cable. I asked her WHAT DID YOU DO? Nothing! Then she said she tried to download turbo tax updates because the program told her too.

I don’t know what happened but nothing would work! I could not connect to the net or any thing. Today walked me through to get things back in order. Funny every time some one uses my putter something happens! (Don’t tell her I said that)

Thought for the day, on a scale of 1 to 12 we had an 11 on pollen count today!


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