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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Catch up!

Hi gang, I just got in from Church. I don’t know where today has gone. I did start watching the golf tournament and fell to sleep. ( Duh) Was not supposed to do that!

Megan is in rout to Ohio with her best friend. This is her first holiday away from us ever! She is on spring break and will come back next Sunday. I am happy for her. She will enjoy the trip. However the house sure will be empty without her here for Easter.

Time will be tight for me for the next three days. Tomorrow morning I am playing golf! It is suppose to be 80* tomorrow and my golf itch has over come me. It is a tuff job
But I have got to keep the guys out of trouble.

It looks like VJ is hungry for the first major of the year. Tiger looks like he had rather be somewhere else. Mikelson looks lost!

Thought for the day, this reflection time at Boyd creek. Where have I been and where am I going. I just hope all of you come along for the ride!


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