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Monday, March 14, 2005

Down But Not Out!

Hi gang, I hope every one had a good weekend! Mine was spent in lala land! My daughter, son and I all came down with some kind of bug. I came down with vertigo because of it. I spent the last couple of days horizontal. Not a fun weekend but I am starting tom pull it of it.

Last night we were under severe weather warning. We got lucky again; every thing went south of us. There were reports of hale all around us. One place down below us on the expressway had an inch thick sheet of ice from the hale! They had pictures of it on TV.
That would sure mess up my new roof, we just had installed!

Megan has had a full weekend, Friday night she was at a Birth Day sleepover and Saturday night she was in a beauty walk at school. She is such a pretty girl but did not win. Course she thought she should have and I have to agree. The little girl that won sure did not win on looks. Our little girl….

Image hosted by

Thought for the day, Sometimes you win some times you loose doesn’t work at a beauty walk!


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