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Friday, March 04, 2005

Bed Time Yet?

Hi gang, just in case you forgot it is FRIDAY! Yahoo for you, I know how you feel. I use to feel the same way till I went into retail and then all the days were the same.

Along with my puter problems, I have sleeping problems! I am up two or three times during the night. Today I’m out of gas! I can hardly keep my eyes upon. Good for you because this will be a short post.

My best friend is having heart catenation done this morning. If that doesn’t work they will put in another stint. He has had three put in already. I talked to him last night he is really depressed. His father and brother died from heart trouble and he feels that it is going to get him too. He is fifty-one but does not take care of himself.
I get so angry with him. He will not listen to anyone. He has high blood pressure, diabetic, doesn’t eat or sleep right. Will not give up smoking. Why did this guy get put into my life? He needs someone to pray for him is my only answer. He’s a nut, fun to be with and will do anything for any one. St. Peter will have his hands full with this clown!

Please keep Paul in your thoughts and prayers today!

Thought for the day, don’t say good by just later!


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