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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What a week

Hi gang hope every one is well. I have been working under Murphy’s Law this week. I told you I was having problems. Well they just keep getting worse. I now no that a lot of my problems are on the web sights them self’s. Some down load very slowly because of pictures etc. Blogers has issues and so does some of the other host.

Any way I am not sure what I will wind up with. I have gone from dial up to cable. Cable would not work. I was told I have soft ware problems and had to take putter to the shop. Problem, my firewall would not let the cable work. Duh!

I received a nice sat of speakers wit a subwoofer for Xmass. I installed them and they wont work. Take them back! Cant they were a gift to someone else originally. No paper work or receipt.

New printer, my son got it on a deal. Took hours to install the soft ware. Could not find the cable to hock it up. Bought a cable and found out I don’t have another usb port! Nice printer, Lexmark x5150. I checked on ink cartilages and almost had a heart attack! Three cost over one hundred dollars!

Are you bored yet? This has been my week so far. A little stressed ha! How about a lot stressed! Any way I am still working on the room. See new update…

Thought for the day, isn’t it grate to have something to smile about!


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