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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Weekend work

Hi gang, slow starts this morning. Still dazed by the week! There does not seam to be an end to it. My son came home early yesterday, he lost his job! The day before they had let a guy go and told those remaining they would have to take up the slack. He laughed at them and told them they were already two men short. They let him go and said he had a poor attitude!

On the bright side, my friend Paul may get to come home today! They did put another stint in. He is doing ok. Thank all of you for your prayers. His granddaughter spent the night with us last night. I believe they were up most of the night.

Today I want to get the windows painted in my room and the other half of the floor waxed. We are ordering a golf scheme border for around the top of the room. I am installing the new printer today also. It will save a little room. It is an all in one unit. I have the soft ware for the camera that came with it but my son may want to sell it. I am going to hold off and see what happens.

Tomorrow is my mothering-laws Birth Day 89. She has cancer but is doing well. All my family will be there tomorrow. Hope to get pictures.

Thought for the day, bright sunny day but looks bleak with no leaves on the trees!


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