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Thursday, March 10, 2005

What is Art?

Hi gang, I hope every one is off to a good start this morning. I sort of messed up, I sat down at the putter to get an earl start at 7:30am it is now 9:42am! What have I been doing you might ask? I got involved in interactive art web sights. All of you know I am not an artist but I dream a lot! Any way before I knew it I had spent over two hours in fine art from around the world. I saved a couple of links for you to look at. They show you a little of how to in art. If you have the time you may find it fun.

What is art? To me it is the old saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Because of our veering taste, we can agree or disagree on many art subjects. I think this is why I like Ill. Friday so much. There are so many people giving their interpolation of a theme. It is cool! The same can be said of photo themes very rarely are two alike. I have posted on my sight two of my favorite photographers Will Barnum and Joe & Lorain you never no what they will have posted but it will be a treat to your eyes. I love them and visit every day. If you get a chance drop in and say Joe sent you, they will get a kick out of that. They no what a Goff ball I am!

Scott and Shelley are painting the bathrooms at church today. I was supposed to supervise two men this weekend to do the job but they were a no show! I will have two remember to pick up Megan from school. Last time I was supposed to pick her up I dozed off and was about ten minutes lat. Boy did she let me have it. It is a good thing I am bigger than her she might have whooped up on her papa!

Thought for the day, all things are possible to those who try. Failure is not an option!


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