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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Not again!

Hi gang, this Friday sure got here quick. We have had thunderstorms all night last night and are suppose to get them again tonight. The ground is so wet the rain just runs off. Boyd creek has been busy taking all that water to the river.

I don’t think I ever told you but the guy that owns the property next to me, has dammed up Boyd creek on his side and made a little catfish pond. I bet the muskets will love that this summer!

The big news today of course is the death of Terri Schiaro. Her story has brought morel justice to the forefront. I believe we will be hearing her story for years to come.

Another note worth story is the government giving a huge grant to develop the hydrogen fuel cell. I find it hard to believe the Big Three can’t do this on there on! I think the money should go to a university engineering team. They would come up with it quicker and cheaper. This whole issue stinks! We had technology forty years ago to make a common carburet run on just about any thing. Gas mileage would have been in the 50mpg range. What happened! The same thing that happened to gasohol.

I think I am ranting! We are so spoiled with our power hungry cars. Our giant SUV, and pickup trucks that only get 7 or 8mpg. This whole energy Chris is as big of a jock as the WOMD! The big oil companies don’t want conservation. There is no money in that!

At three o’clock today I turned on the TV for the Bell South Golf Classic and oh no not again it was canceled because of the storm that went through here last night! Did I tell you the Masters starts next week? With all this rain they will have to have boats to get around in!

Thought for the day, change is the only constant, but it sure is nice to have a routine!


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