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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Aching Back!

Hi gang, hump day is upon us. Looks like the rain is too. The way things have been going Augusta will have rain Thursday and Friday! The tournament of the year, does any one have voodoo doll to head the rain in another direction. The Masters needs hard greens to make the game interesting. Oh well, Mother Nature will have her way regardless!

I played golf yesterday with the guys. I cleaned out my bag of balls real quick. Normally I have trouble slicing, now I have trouble hocking! I am glade I had old golf balls. Them bogers are expensive.

I am back to clearing again! I have one section about 1/3 of an acre to clear. Cutting by hand, it will take about a month or more, but this side of the creek will be cleared. Across the creek I have about that much more to clear. I would like to get that done this year. Over there is where all the fallen trees are! If you have any land there is always something to clear, cut and burn.

David asked how big is the creek? Dave. It is more like a small branch. They gave it the name ions ago. At one time most of the Boyd’s lived in this area of town.

Vicky wanted to no who I was pulling for in the Masters? Right now the odes on him are 100 to 1! But I sure would like to see him win. I like Fred Funk!

I no you want to no what we did last night for our Aniv. We watched the “Italian Job” ate leftovers and was in bed by 10:30pm! How romantic Hum…

Thought for the day, I am having a heat pump installed this week. There goes the light bill!


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