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Friday, April 01, 2005

Yep again!

Hi gang, grappa use to say son make sure your still is water proof and your lighting is 100 proof, and your sales will be just fine! We have enough rain to last for a while. The frogs are starting to look for higher ground.

Yep they canceled the Bell south golf classic again! They hope to get started tomorrow. We will have to see, another round of thunderstorms passed through this afternoon.

One of our local professors proposed a short story for his college English class. The paper was due in today. It was to be written during their spring break…

The college class was told they had to write a short
story in as few words possible.

The instructions were:
The short story had to contain the following three
(1) Religion
(2) Sexuality
(3) Mystery.

There was only one A+ paper in the entire class.
Below is the A+ short story:

Good God, I'm pregnant I wonder who did it???

Thought for the day, never say never if you don’t want to eat your words!


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