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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Water Wings

Hi gang, hope every one had a good hump day. The Masters starts tomorrow or will it? It has rained here most of the day and all this mess is moving toward Georgia! That old song “Georgia on my Mind” will be in the thoughts of a lot of people the rest of the week.

Have you ever been on a sight that you really got into, and couldn’t go back to? That happened to me to day. I was on a photo sight and was intrigued by there work. Pictures printed on cardboard and different kinds of material. Wonderful work! I closed the wrong window and puff it was gone! Later I am going to go into my history and see if I can find the sight.

I love art and I am a picture freak. I have bought more pic. At garage sales. No place to put them and my wife gradually gets rid of them at our annual church sale. I have actually bought back the same pic. Before. LOL! There are so many fine artists in the world that will never be great. This is sad but they do what they are compelled to do.

If I were a wealthy man I would have to have homes all over the world to hold all my art that I love! All artist want to get well paid for their work, which is only right! I feel guilty because if I see something I really like I absorb it into the core of my being. I am complete captivated by it! We sort of become one! Like a paint stroke on the canvas or a chisel mark on the sculpture, it lives and breathes in me so to speak!

Thought for the day, so m b! any places I have journeyd to in my mind through the we


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