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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Good morning gang, raining here and is suppose to all day, my dogs will love this, they don’t want to go out in the rain. Hey, neither do I! I played golf yester day. It was on the cool side but we had a good day. The water birds where putting on a show flying back and forth around the lake. They are so beautiful to watch.

None of us had a real good round. I did well on the front and fell apart on the back. However we got out and enjoyed the day. One of our groups helps his son with his construction company. They have thirty homes under construction and had planes for sixty more and the land deal fell through. Any way he and I were together and he keep getting phone calls. I thought it was funny, he would sort of hunch over walking a round talking. They were calling him about nothing important but he would not tell them he was playing golf!

On the home front my wife has three evening meetings this week at church. I told her she should get her a cot and stay there. LOL! She didn’t think it was funny. I just keep putting my foot in my mouth. We have company coming this Thursday. My oldest daughters two boys and two of their friends are coming down for a long weekend. They go back Sunday. They are bringing a skidoo with them, I hope it worms up. It’s a bit early to play in the water!

Megan is getting into her soft ball and Scott is helping couch. Their first game was Friday. We went and cheered her on. They had a grate time. Guess what no one was keeping score! The scoreboard wasn’t working. LOL! Course we told her they won! Ah …I… Don’t know!

Thought for the day, my grandpa use to say son, don’t let the rain spoil your day. Heck the fish love it!


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