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Friday, August 06, 2004

Hi gang, we made it free time on the range, make every moment count! This has been another one of those days I don’t know where the time went too. I ran across a budding technology today that I wonder if you have heard of it

Nanotechnology- the science of making invisible machines and material.

Scientists manufacture things less than 1,000th the width of a human hair, promises smaller computers, stronger and lighter materials, even nanobots able to cruse through peoples blood vessels to treat diseases. Billions are being pumped into this technology.

There is a draw back! Studies have shown that nanoparticles can act as a poison in the environment and accumulate in animal organs. Published documents support that lung damage more severe and strangely different than that caused by conventional toxic dust.

The risk may prove minor and avoidable but activists have begun to organize against the science. (Excretes taken from Washington Post)

Quotes and Factoids
In the nearer term, many businesses will see the impact of nanotechnology. Among the industries not explored here and likely to be impacted in the not-too-distant future include:
· battery-scale energy storage - nanostructured fuel cells
· textiles - novel fibers and fabrics
· defense and security - surveillance, explosive detection and communications
· medical research - scaled down gene and protein array-based diagnostics
As with previous disruptive core technologies, such as gasoline engines, integrated circuits, and cellular radio, two key questions will remain. Which companies will adopt and grow with this new field? and Which will be out-competed by new players?
—Dr. Andrew Mutz, Managing Director Codesta

Big Ideas In Little Things - A Guide to Working In Nanotechnology

According to estimates from the National Science Foundation, during the next decade the United States will need between 800,000 and 1 million workers in the field of Nanotechnology. The corresponding worldwide need for such workers by 2015 is estimated to be nearer 2 million.

Currently the number of employees in this field is approaching close to 20,000 across the globe.
—Callum Sutherland, Online Marketing Coordinator Working In Ltd. Old FutureTech News

As you can see not Rosie!

Nanogen Shares Nosedive as Q2 Loss Nearly Doubles August 04, 2004 Nanogen Inc., maker of the NanoChip molecular diagnostics system for biologic research, saw its stock drop nearly 21 percent today after posting a second-quarter loss that almost doubled its loss of a year ago. Nanogen shares (Nasdaq: NGEN) fell 99 cents, or 20.6 percent, to close at $3.81 today. The firm has a market cap of $97.65 million.

Thought for the day how small is small, how about so small it does not reflect light and is invisible!

Word for the day; Nanobotics


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