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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hi gang, the eagle is looking around! Start planning you weekend now and you will be a day a head of the game.

Did I say game! Yep, who was that guy that said the whole world is a stage? Well any way I turned it around to a game. We all wont to win, but only a few will reach their personal goal. Hey that’s ok! We all can’t be brain sergeants. You dig!

The key to life’s game is making the best you can with the hand you have been given. We can run around yelling the sky is falling every time some rain comes into our life or we can pop open the umbrella and wade the current singing it never rains in southern California.

Sure this old world has a lot of problems, a lot of hate and misunderstanding. There are millions right this minute starving for food and we have fields sating idle, paying the farmer to let the land lie!

Food for thought! How about all the food that is thrown away every day from the world’s restraints! The black market firearms and drugs! The world we know is motivated by profit.

I have nothing agents profit! There has to be a profit to keep operating. I do have a problem with those who make a good profit and swindle their company out of a fortune.

What ever happened to a fair wage for a fair days labor? How can we justify paying someone twenty dollars for eight- dollar job? Or buy a thirty thousand dollar product that is only worth ten thousand?

Am I ranting! I suppose. We are caught in a cesspool that is getting wider and deeper and know one is alarmed! Are we to fall in that black hole they keep talking about and spit back out as a spent world no longer of any use?

Things you should know!
‘Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator.’

Thought for the day, purple mountains majesty amber fields of grain.

Word for the day; Maori.


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