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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hi gang, oh am I full! I just ate a big plate of spaghetti & Italian sausage. I love spaghetti. I hope every one had a good day and ready for the eagle to fly. It seams like it has been a short week. I get to play golf twice this week!

My granddaughter and her family came in this morning from Illinois. They will be here for two weeks. Her husband is playing his first golf game with me tomorrow! My wife couldn’t say no! 

I hope to get a lot of pictures. All my great-grand children are here. I got five of the six to show you .The youngest six months was asleep. I will get him tomorrow.





You guys can take bet on how many balls we loose. The closest will get to go with him next week!

Things YOU should know!
‘Opportunities always look bigger going than coming.’

Thought for the day, you are what you eat. Is that true with what you read?

Word for the day; Éclat.


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