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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Hi gang, I’m like the guy that says I can’t belive it’s not butter. Where did the weekend go! I hope you guys keep up with your time better than I did.
By now you have herd that Todd Hamilton, beat out Ernie Ells for the Open Championship! Two years in a row someone has jumped up and bit the big boys!


Where did Tiger go?
How sweet it is!
Last night turned out to be a big party. About ten couples, and the host family. We had BBQ, Hot Wings, potato salad, backed beans, and an open bar! The food was good, and I lost count on how many margaritas I had. They were made from scratch and were so…good! 
When they first got married she wanted a MG convertible. He would not get one because he was still going to school and would tell her if he got her that car she would get PG. And he would have to sell it. Five years later she got PG. So what does this have to do with the party?
For her birthday he got her a fully restored 1962 MGB. Red convertible! He had a big sign made for the car. It read if you get pregnant the car goes back! Needles to say she was flabbergasted!
Things you should know!
‘No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes.’
Thought for the day laughter becomes one whose life looks so bleak.
 Word for the day; Limey. (Phyllis I am sure knows this word.)


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