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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hi gang, come on hump day! WE ARE READY! Right, right. Man is it hot! How hot is it? I knew you were going to ask. It’s so hot when I went out to feed the birds the seeds were popping like popcorn! The birds thought they were at the driven theater!

I suppose every one has heard the driven theaters are making a come back. I sure did my part growing up. We went to the movies at least twice a week. The kids did their best sleeping in the back seat of the car.

I wish them luck. People today are too spoiled on air-conditioning to sit through a movie. Can you think of running the air in the car for two-three hours!

I just thought of a good idea! Wait let me install pay pal! Gang we can invest in the first subterranean Driven Theater! Think of it the temperature doesn’t get over 65* F. We will make a fortune! Now grant you in Canada we will build on Main Street and at heaters!

We will start small say 500 cars, snack shop, pezzapolar, playground, suroundsound dobby digital wide screen, and shopping mall for the ladies who rather shop!

This whole thing couldn’t cost more than a couple billion! We will let Donald Trump build it and finance it. Pay back will be quick, no more than five hundred years…

Things you should know!
‘If you look like your passport picture you probably need the trip.’

Thought for the day, why can’t I get the picture at the top of the page centered and the blue sign gone?

Word for the day; Abnegate.


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