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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Hi gang, I went on line to see what you guys were doing, and singed off and forgot to make a post. I suppose that shows how tired I am. How tired am I! I am so tired I had to go wiz, and had to sit down!

Why am I so tired? I am so glade you asked. I told my wife I would start back cutting the privet hedge behind the house, and have it done before she comes home. She will be home Tuesday so today was the day.

I started after the tennis match this morning. Maria put the mojo on Serena! I got through at 3:30pm. No lunch three brakes, and four hours later, it’s done!

I don’t know why I always over do it! You would think at my age I would have learned to pace myself. No, some how my genes still think I am thirty. Ok, ok forty!

It is going to feel so good if I live long enough to stop hurting!

It just donned on me the Pepsi 400 is on. OMG it is al the way at the other end of the house! Happy 4th every one!

Things you should know!
“If you are to open minded, your brains will fall out.”

Thought for the day, I wander if they make ear- plugs for dogs? My dogs hate fireworks!

Word for the day; Plunk.


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