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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hi gang, this old weekend is closing fast. We are under a sever weather threat so I thought I had better post and get of this puter! As usual were did the time go? I guess when I draw my last breath I will say the same thing.

Has every one had a good weekend I hope so? Today is Dawns Birth Day so every one-drop by and wish her the best, K!

Not a lot going on today. I am on CH. 8 in the Stand. Every time I try to read I get sleepy. I don’t like to take a nap during the day. I have too much trouble sleeping as it is. So I read a little and put it down.

This morning at church I noticed a young girl I say early twenties, come in and sat across the isle from me. She caught my eye because she was wearing a green and white flowered dress. The material reminded me of my child hood when they sold flower in pattern sacks. People would make dresses out of them. I remember they were green, blue, and red. I am sure some of you might remember.

My grandma had several of these dresses, and the little girls had them to. Funny how something like that comes to you! The girl at church was lovely, clear ivory skin. Black hair, rosy checks. She gave me a smile that sent shivers up my spine. I said to my self, careful young lady my wife is in Nebraska!

Thought for the day, someone said, “every cloud has a silver lining.” My grandpa use to say, son there is only one rooster per hen house! It took me many years to understand what he was talking about!

Word for the day; Peccaries.


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