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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hi gang, moving right along this week! We are starting to get webfeet around this area. Rain, rain, rain, and more on the way! The grass needs cutting and is to wet. I bet the farmers are starting to say enough. If we get much more rain we will have to plant rice.

My wife and her family got away this morning around 9:30am. They were going to spend the night on the other side of St. Louis. She has to be back at work on the seventh of July. I hope they have a good time; this may be her mom’s last big trip. She is eighty- seven and has cancer.

Linda is back at work and ready to come back. They may come down late summer, for another week. She gave me a picture of her family by Olin Mills. My two grand sons are still living at home. They just have not found Miss right yet!

Thought for the day, “It took me seventeen years to get 3000 hits, I got that many in one afternoon playing golf.” Hank Aaron.

Word for the day; Hinny.


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