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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Hi gang, Goosen scores again! RSA is happy tonight. Phil blew it on 17th hole. He gave it a good run but second best is not good enough to dethrone Tiger!

Tigers worst ever open, but I’m sure he feels better knowing Ernie, and Sing didn’t jump on him.

Well less start tuning up for the British Open at Royal Tyrone!

I hope every one has had a good weekend. Housework is all caught up, grass cut, kids happy. That sweet thing thinks all Fathers are super sized today.

I never knew my Dad. He was killed in a mining accident when I was six. From all my Mom told me of him; we probably would not have gotten along. Course I didn’t get along that well with her either! Sometimes I can’t even get along with myself!

No rain tomorrow! I have a 9:40 T-time. FOUR!

Advice from kids
“ Don’t sneeze in front of mum when you’re eating crackers.” Mitchell, age 12.

Thought for the day, losers are people too!

Word for the day; Wreak


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