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Friday, June 25, 2004

Hi gang, we made it! Friday the day the eagle flies. Has every one had a good week? Oh how I use to look forward to the weekend. Then I started working retail and every day was the same. I hated split days off! In fact I hated working weekends period! It always seamed people were rubbing you face in it because you had to work.

Unless you owned the business I would suggest you stay away from Retail! My granpa use to say son, working weekends is like picking blackberries. You have to watch out for the snakes!

Another famous saying of granpa was son, show me a person who likes working weekends and I will show you a person who had nothing to do anyway!

The rain let up long enough for me to get my walk in. On my walk I noticed how polite and clean my neighbors are. There is a sign half buried by a tree that says, $500.00 fine, No Dumping! My good neighbors dumped their trash behind the tree away from the sign! Now I ask you was that not nice of them!

Advice from kids!
“You can’t hide a piece of broccoli in a glass of milk.” Armir, age 9.

Thought for the day, a week with no sunshine is like a week without you!

Word for the day; Swath.


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