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Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hi gang, what a shock I had today! I have not been grocery shopping on years. It will be years before I go again. I can’t belive the prices. For a little can of chilly they wanted $1.50. I said no way! Course I no they don’t care. Some one will buy it.

Gallon of milk 2% $4.29
8 hot dog buns $1.50
Small Pickles $1.50
Small ketch $1.50

Folks we are in the wrong business! I spent $80.00 dollars and scratched my head. The cats and dogs are gona eat well I am eating cheese sandwiches the cheese was in sale! I will have to go back and get prune juice to off set the cheese!

Advise from kids!
“Don’t pick up your sister when she is holding a baseball bat.” Joel, age 10.

Thought for the day, Think of an excuse for why I didn’t have any coupons today at the store!

Word for the day; Flume.


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