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Monday, July 05, 2004

Hi gang, I hope Monday has not got the best of you! I t has been another fast day for me. I put in another four hours out back. This time I tried to pace myself a little better.

Of all things, I dug up a wheel barrel body. It kicked my rear! Roots had grown through it also dug up an old BBQ grill. Solid cast iron! No telling how old it is. Get this the darn thing is intact, nothing broken! It weighs a ton. I could not pick it up. I just rolled it to the top of the hill and cleaned some mud off it.

Who of you has ever herd of a soft drink called Sun Crem? It has a big A on the front. On the back it has Orange Crest? I have never heard of it! I dug it from under the wheel barrel. It is covered with dried mud. Will have to clean it up to see if any thing else is on it.

Sounds like a day, treasure hunting. Believe me all I was trying to do was clean of the hillside, so I can get to those darn privet hedge roots!

Things you should know!
‘Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.’

Thought for the day, Monday takes a lot of slack. It’s tough to always be the first workday!

Word for the day; Monad.


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