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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hi gang, short day! I was up at 6:30, left at 7:00 to meet the guys for golf. Had a great day. Lunch was Oh so good! Chopped steak, rice & gravy, mixed corn, green beans, and hot roil! Ice tea, and giant cookies for desert. (I only had 3 cookies) Got to watch my waste line!
We played at the Cap Stone Country Club. Tough course! It beat us up pretty bad. One of my friends lost so many balls I quit counting. He had the nerve to ask if we are having fun yet?
Our home course is Ol’Coloney. They are working on the greens so we will play else where for the next few weeks. I know all of you golf nuts were just on edge to here all this.
Well less see what is going on! Hey did you guys see the dramatic seen on TV today of the policeman saving the woman from jumping off the bridge! That was some one hand save! All of it on film!
Our town announced today, we are getting two restraints on the river front down town! Wopee! We have so many now I don’t know how they are staying in business. YOU NAME IT WE GOT IT! We are also getting a new theater! NOW WE NEED THIS! We now have two. One six screens the other twelve. The new one will be sixteen screens! Yea, man the battle of the screens! I could go on about our progressive town, but save it for another post…..
Things you should know!
‘A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.’
Thought for the day, count on your thoughts taking you to places you would probably never go!

 Word for the day; Turpitude


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