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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Hi gang, hump day is down! We are clear sailing. I can almost see the Friday go home clock. Course if you have a cushy job like Melissa you can go home early tomorrow and Friday. There is a catch though your boss has got to be out of town. It seemed I always got caught when I went home early. My boss’s boss would go out of his way to let me know he knew I took off early.

I would always go in early every day. Some weeks I would have ten or twelve hours extra, so I would try to leave a little early. This is how the conversation would go.

Him- Hey Joe I tried to call you yesterday!
Me- Hey I was here all day; I got in my ten hours.
Him- you did! I called at 4:30, they said you were gone!
Me- Yea, I am twenty-four hours over for this pay period. I was in at 6:00am.
Him- who covered the store from 4:30 to 5:00pm. You’re the Manager!
Me- I didn’t leave until my assistant came in.
Him- Yea, you no you have got to sat the example.
Me- I know boss! My assistant only has twenty hours over this pay period. Sense he gets paid overtime his check is going to be short!
Him- I’m glade you brought that up! The office is screaming about you having too much overtime. You had better cut back the o/t and fill in yourself where you have to.
Me- did you here me say I have twenty-four hours over this week?
Him- Yea, you have got to do better with your time management!

Ask me do I miss my job! (Yea buddy)

Things you should know!
‘By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.’

Word for the day; Malaise.


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