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Saturday, July 31, 2004

Hi gang, shouewe, where did the day go? Why do the weekends go by so fast? Monday through Friday is not to bad but Saturday & Sunday go by like a blur. I suppose, as you get older, you are more aware of time.

All though time and I have been at odds with each other as long as I can remember.

Once when I was in the second grade of school. One of my friends and I snuck off at lunch to a neighbor hood store. We had a soft drink and cookies for lunch. The store had a big clock hanging on the wall so we knew how much time we had.

Well we messed around until; we had only five minutes to get to class. Not bad we were only two blocks away. There was only one problem I had to go #2. Five minutes, two blocks and #2 was not going to fit in!

Running up the hill to the school I kept saying ‘I have got to crap in five minutes.’

When we got in school the class was already in the room. I told my friend to let the teacher know where I was. The rest room was across the hall from our class. He ran in the room hollering J.W. has got to crap in five minutes! I could here him and the whole class laughing!

Thought for the day, always leave five minutes for #2!

Word for the day; Wombat.


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