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Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Hi gang, I hope everyone had a good hump day! Well I had to take my car to the garage this morning. It was running like a dog popping razor blades! What the old saying, about threes.

I did get the grass cut. Will trim tomorrow. After the rain making a pop run in the back was not easy. What a job I tried to give it to M. but no way Hose. The dogs think I collect their pop, they can’t wait to put more out after I have made a run!

On a more serious note. My best friend Chucks wife Susan, has got to start radiation treatments for the Brain Tumor. It has started growing again. Please keep them in you prayers, on your mind etc.

So many of us take life for granted. Fact is, we were never promised a tomorrow! I played golf with Chuck yesterday. He tore me up. You would never no, he is caring such a heave heart.

Advice from Kids
“When your dad is mad and ask you, do I look stupid? Don’t answer.” Hanna, age 9.

Thought for the day, cutting grass today, I thought of all those hurting people (friends) I know. I tried to hold each one in my heart. Just my way of saying I love you!

Word for the day; Hyoid


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