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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Hi gang, another weekend is slipping away from us. I hope every one has had a good one so far. It is almost 7:00pm here. It will be dark by 7:45pm. When I was a little guy I hated to see it get dark!

Getting dark meant the other kids would have to go in or go home. Mom was pretty liberal with me. I could stay out far a little longer if homework was done. She caught on real quick, when I quit bringing homework home. Some how moms always no if you are hiding something!

At dusk the bats would come out we called them chimneysweepers. Some times there would be hundreds of them. We tried to hit them with rocks to no avail. They would dodge the rock before it got there. It was a sight to see them come and go. We did not have mosquitoes around like we do now.

Have you ever waited till dark and try to guess where the first star would be in the sky? Or stay out and make someone call you in. Mom would send one of my older cousins to get me. Man, I would get so mad. Talking about throwing a fit! I allways looked for some way to get them back. My best pay back was to be a pest when their girl friend was around!

Sign of the times!
In a veterinarian’s waiting room:
“Be back in 5 minutes. Sit! Stay!”

Word for the day; dark star


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