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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Hi gang, we are on the downhill run! Tomorrow is M. last day of school. She had half day today and it seamed like I just dropped her off and had to go back and pick her up.

It is going to be a long summer! She does not want to go to Chicago, camp or anything. Well she might like cheerleading camp, if I sell my car to pay for it!

Why are things so tough for a girl? I never had any problems finding something to do all summer. Come to think of it I would not let my girls do the things I did! I was all over the place at six years old. I was afraid of nothing (except sleeping by my self)

Have you noticed the older you get the more you talk about your youth! What’s that song, ‘many a tear has to fall to play the game’ it seamed like my girls were always evolved in something. I don’t believe boredom sat in until the terrible teens! M. Is eleven and has to have someone entertain her. She can’t do any thing alone for more than five minutes. Well except the phone, she can talk on the phone, eat supper, watch TV, and listen to MP3 at the same time! Oh did I say for hours!

What do you guys have lined up for the summer for you girls?

Sign of the times!
“The best way to get back on your feet –miss a car payment”

Thought for the day, when you were eleven, where did your thoughts take you?

Word for the day; Elite


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