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Friday, May 28, 2004

Hi gang, the holiday weekend has begun! I hope all of you will take advantage of this holiday dedicated to our armed forces. Life as we no it exists because they gave their life for it!

Find that quite place this weekend and think of all those who have gone before us in battle. You might also remember all those traveling this weekend. Even though gas is high people will hit the road, in search of family, friends, or just a place to get away.

I have never liked to travel on a holiday, and will not if possible!
If you do venture out, be careful out there it is a jungle.

We have had rain dance around us all day, and finally got a sprinkle about a half hour ago. Just enough to get the ground wet. Thankful for what we got, we need a good steady rain!

What planes have you got for the weekend? We are cleaning the carport Sat. Sun. Rest. Monday we are cooking out at the in-laws. Eat swim and relax, trying not to get sun burned.

Sign of the times!
At a propane filling station,
“Thank heaven for little grills.”

Thought for the day, take time to be happy, share that with all you meet this weekend.

Word fore the day; Hansom.


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