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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Hi gang, hope every one has had a good day. I have been busy putting out the flea and tick control out front, and watering. The front is done. I will do the back in the morning

Putting this stuff out I saw my old problem of moles is back! You should see my back yard from the dogs trying to catch them. I have holes everywhere.

In the front the cats catch them quite easily, and brings them to the door for you. They love to show off there catch.

This is the eastern mole, a tunneling machine!

The shaded area is where this boggier is found.

There are seven different kinds of this little guy. If you want to read more just type in mole at goggle.

Thought for the day, there is a place for everything and every thing has its place. Now if I can just convince my family of that!

Word for the day; Moll


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