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Monday, May 24, 2004

Hi gang, we got through old blue Monday! Hope every one made it a fun day. Hey, some one gota do it might as well be you. It got pretty worm here today. I had to wait till around 4:00pm before starting to cut grass.

I was going to put out flea & tick with the lawn spreader, but got caught up in something else. I will have to do that tomorrow. We need rain! Have not had any for almost two weeks now. All the rain has been heading north. I am sure you have seen it on the news.

I don’t think I have asked how many of you have bird feeders and houses. I love blue birds. A friend of mine gave me a bluebird house a couple of years ago. I watched them build their nest and have their baby bird. The first time the baby tried to fly my cat got it.

I was up set! I took the house down and said no more! Well this year I put the house next to the fence were the dogs are kept in the back yard. The cats wont go in the back! So far I am on my second hatching.

Photo by Wendel Long
I have been watching them sense mid April. They have been a great joy in my life this year. I want to put up a Martin house but they are expensive. Maybe I can build one for next year.

Thought for the day, this afternoon I sad and watched a breeze work its way through the trees!

Word for the day; Wind-age.


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