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Friday, June 04, 2004

Hi gang, Friday night blitz! I hope each of you have a great weekend planed! I am hearing weeding bells! I had to help my wife with a weeding practice tonight, and the weeding tomorrow. I don’t think she will ask me again to help; I wanted to bring home the bride to be! Her regular helpers are on vacation, so here I am.

I hope my heart holds out! Six brides-maids, and a beautiful bride! I haven’t seen that many good-looking girls in one place in a while!

Phyllis lighting! In to days paper,


A meteor the size of a computed monitor flashed across the sky early Thursday, setting off booms that stunned witnesses.
Witnesses along a 60-mile swath of the Puget Sound region from the Tacoma area to Whidbey Island and as for as 260 miles east, said the sky light up brilliantly and many reported hearing booms as if from an explosions!

Advice from kids!
“Never tell your mom her diet’s not working. Michael, age 10.

Thought for the day, more than once today I thought of you.

Word for the day; Thule.


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