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Friday, February 27, 2004

Hi gang it is happy beaver day across the northern line. Where the big hats patrol. So I hope you have been kind to your beaver. I suppose ending the week with beavers is a good is any critter.

What a week it has been! We have discussed a lot of issues this week. Civil rights, religion, abuse, cat’s dogs. We have made the rounds. I believe it is healthy to air differences. That’s what makes this nation go round.

Have you been watching all the snow in the Carolinas? I don’t know a bloger in that area, but they have been pounded! Ah… brings back the good old days in Chicago. Ask me if I miss the snow!

Did any one go Tiger watching today? He hit a few good shots today! They are playing 36 holes today through Sunday to make of for the flooding they had yesterday. Piece of cake for those guys!

Weather permitting I wont to work in the yard tomorrow. My weeds need cutting already. Winter is almost over and I still have six rolls of insulation to put in the basement! What is the old saying don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do to day. That guy wrote that for me!

I was up early again today and wrote a little poem or thoughts or what ever to share with you. Laughter is accepted.
‘Passing Time’

Wind sweep dreams,
Come and gone.
Yesterday’s thoughts,
Today is unknown.

Day into night,
Rising and sating.
Ebb tide splashing,
Moon light shining.

Winters reluctant merging,
Cold weather receding.
Blue birds searching,
First flowers out of hiding.

Rain and snow flowing,
Lakes and sea growing.
Heart and soul souring,
Life and death exploring.

Thought for the day, will you be mine tomorrow?

Word for the day, Expostulate.


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