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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Hi ho gang! Hot off the press Boydcreek is in trouble with his O/S! M.S. Gave a long list to try to work out a click I have. I am not a geek so it may be a while before you here from me . I have got to get this one fixed. I keeping freezing up and rebooting! It is down more than up. My wife said it sounds like you! Her her her. She never could tell a joke!! boz hush I can here you from here!

Marci, go over to Dorthys she has a (are you ready) A midget joke. You will love it.

This seems to be redoing time! Go up and see KIms new sight and Desi. New sight.

I went back on my word and have been peaking at some new blogs. Dang it I can't help it!

I sent Brenda some pics. Last night, and of all things my O/S asked are you sure you wont to do this? Dah... I punched it one and it sent pics for an hour? Haven't herd from Brenda her living room may be full of pics.

Thought for the day; When the wind blows from the south we say it will be worm! It better be!

Word for the day; raiment.


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