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Monday, February 09, 2004

Have to make it quick tonight gang. Orders from my granddaughter. She needs the phone. Oh when will we get cable internet service?

Long day of reading, racism,politics, and hug pug! I think all total I have read a book today. There are some wonderful talented people out there. Have you ever spent the day reading long discussion's?

Time consuming! I did get out for a while and get some prints of the twins 1st Also got a couple of shots of an old pine tree. The tree is twisted and bent. I love it.

No I didn't play golf today! My shoulder is acting up. Maybe next week I hope. Not much sleep last night, every time I moved a pain would shoot through my shoulder. Oh well I'm a wreck.

Thought for the day; Water! Clear cool water. Remember the song?

Word for the day; Tragedian.


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