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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Hi gang, another one bites the dust! Did every one see the shoot out at Daytona last night? Jr. Should have won! Sure don't like the front of his car this year, looks to square. Makes the hole car look bad. It looks like Dodge is trying to take over. I can't belief how many there are.

Well, who was betting on Mickelson in the Pebble Beach Pro Am? V.J. Looks lean and mean. Eels looks Hungary. Could this be the year with out a Tiger?

Did some surfbloging today. I am never disappointed. Looking at some blogs on b2. I ran across a 16 year old who has been doing webdesing for years. She had so much on her sight that could only be seen by pass word. She is good. I didn't save her but I should have.

OK I need all you lovely ladies to drop by Hard Artis blog, and leave him a sweet note. He is looking for a cyber valentine. Hey, he needs some TLC!

Thought for the day; Walk a mile in someone's shoes, then see how you feel about that person.

Word for The day; Bumble.


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