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Monday, February 02, 2004

Hey blogerues, wet, cold day! Even blue days have there bright spot. Went out to pick up my grand-daughter from school and there were robins every where. They are back! Worm weather can't be far behind. Maybe the old groundhog will be wrong this time. Thinking about the weather,robins, and hogs makes me well hungry.... No not relay. Time to get my flower garden in order. Have you started yours yet?

I am expecting a short winter because the last summer was only a month long! What has happened to the worm sometimes hot spring. Use to wont to go swimming in the spring. I love spring! I got married in the spring! I fall in love every spring! Can't help it. It must be in my genes. Dreamy music worm weather shoo man I get goose pimples thinking about it. Does spring effect you?

I broke my record today in the time it takes me to read all the blogs I like. Four and one half hours! Shcccccc, got to get a handle on this. I may have to sat up a day shit and a night shift. Naaaaa. How about mental telepathy! Now that's a good idea. I will send all my yums my XHTML code and you just tap into my brain waves;watch out for the dust on the shovels, please no writhing in the dust! ...

Thought for the day; Awake my lovelies the south wind doth blow!

Word for the day; Yucca.


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