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Friday, February 06, 2004

I went out this afternoon to see how high Boyd creek rose with four and a half Inc. Of rain. Have never seen it this high. I would like to have seen it at its peak. WE had high straight line winds seventy mile's per hour. We have a heavy swing set on the back deck, and it was blown all the way to the sliding doors! Did not see any damage, thank good ness.

I ran across a sight today that has boz is the perfect man. Also you have got to get over to see dooce new baby!

My picture printing was a disaster, they came out pink! I have a lexmark z52 that I have never tried to print pic with. Just what I needed another problem! How ever I see it as a chalange!!!

Thought for the day; Never close in on youself, there are people all over the world who wont to meet you!

Word for the day; Tamo'shanter.


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