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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Sever thunder storms are moving through. So far we have just had high winds. Before the night is over I am sure we will get a lot of rain. Very worm today and cold tomorrow. Why do we always talk about the weather? I think we just wont every one to know, what is going on in our area.

Have not talked to anyone in our golf group, but did watch a little of the Pebble Beach pro am. I pushed back in my easy chair at three, and did not wake up tile four thirty! I sure no how to sleep in front of a T.V.! The thing must be like a tranquilizer! My wife and I get our best sleep watching something.

I read a blog today where the lady played a DVD over and over as she cross-stitched. She said she likes the music, and knows what is happening by the sound! Gee I wonder if I can do that while I work on my blog, maybe I would not make so many mistakes!

Let me know if you run across unusual things people do. Taking a nap is not one of them! I am going to try to print some pictures tonight, my printer is not all that good so will see what I can do.

Thought for the day: Grand –dad used to say show me a fish that wants to swim up stream and I ‘l shows you a horny fish!

Word for the day: Orotund.


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