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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Branch indeed! Did you look up the two words, while I was gone to kick the cat?
A stream is a stream. To me we have a creek. Enough said. Had to get out and do some running around to day. Gas the car up, went to the library. Got a couple of pictures of the river and our new bridge. I got back just in time to get my granddaughter from school. She has had the computer tied up this evening, doing home- work.

Man the robins or flocking to our town, they are everywhere. I can’t remember seeing this many come in all at once. I wonder if they are good to eat? Boz would know. Robin casserole, robin stew, robin and rice, stir fry robin. Gee I might start a cookbook. Not enough meat to get a mouth full. I never did like dove. Taste kinky!

Talking about taste. My wife made chilly with deer meat! It was good I ate two big blows. Then she told me about the deer. All I can say is it was good, but I am glade she did not tell me up front.

My golf buddies are playing tomorrow. It is suppose to be 28* tonight and a high of 50* maybe, and cloudy. I told them I would catch them next week. The cold hurts my hands, even if I ware gloves between shots. SO I will try not to be in a bad mood all day! How many of you play golf when its cold?

Thought for the day, you can’t please every one, not even yourself all the time.

Word for the day; Minion.


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